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Our speakers will address the impacts of modern technologies and agricultural methods in contrast to the sustainable production models of biological and organic food production systems, leaving the audience to debate the way forward for New Zealand food production.

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International Speakers
Dr.Gilles Eric Seralini 2 2   shiva   huber   ProfessorGu   doucelet
Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini    Dr. Vandana Shiva   Professor Don Huber   Professor Gu Xuilin   Chef Jerome Douzelet
New Zealand Speakers
MarielWatts   MoanaJackson   jessica   christensen   Bob
Dr. Meriel Watts    Moana Jackson    Dr. Jessica Hutchings   Mark Cristensen   Bob Mackley (Aus)
anna goodwin   Phyllis Tichinin    simonterry     Jack Heinemann   Image
Dr. Anna Goodwin   Phyllis Tichinin    Simon Terry      Prof. Jack Heinemann   Stephanie Howard
Opening   M.C.            
family history    Hickford            
 Fiona Lady Elworthy   Prof. Jon Hickford            






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